Compaction Grouting

When the geologic and geotechnical investigations conclude that sinkhole activity or ground settling is occurring at the site, the Engineer could recommend that compaction grouting be utilized to stabilize the structure to minimize and further subsidence damage.

Stabilization through compaction grout injections will densify the soils beneath the residence and seal the top of the limestone surface to minimize future raveling. The compaction grout injections process incorporates a number of injections points that are spaced approximately 8 – 10 fett apart on center around the perimeter of the structure. The grout points are both vertical and inclined and are as close to the perimeter of the structure as possible. The depth of the grouting is based on the engineers field boring logs, will vary from site to sire, and will be specified by the engineer in the report. The typical pre-mixed compaction grout will be pumped at a slow enough rate such that the grout will densify and not merely hydro fracture the soil. The pressures will vary from site to site as specified in the engineering report.The quantity of grout that is required can vary based on the site conditions and the estimated cost for repair is always based on the higher volume of grout.

Continuous monitoring by C&N and the Engineering firms personnel during remediation is always done to verify compliance that these recommendations meet the necessary adjustments to the remediation programs. This will also allow the engineer who created the remedial design to certify that C&N’n remediation met the design specification after the professional stabilization is complete.

What we do

C&N performs all stabilization repairs based upon the findings and conclusion of an engineer’s investigation including geologic, geothermal, and structural evaluations of the causes of damage to the structure. These evaluations are based on extensive data collection and interpretation efforts completed by the engineer’s technical staff, who has been trained in Florida subsidence investigation techniques and data interpretation. Supervision and review is then completed by the senior engineer professional who then signs and seals the engineering report.


Services we specialize in….

Depending on the professional recommendation of a geotechnical and/or structural engineer, C&N will use one or more of the following methods to deal with your sinkhole problem aside from compaction grouting as described above:

  • Residential Foundations
  • Commercial Foundations
  • Compaction Grouting
  • Chemical Grouting
  • Underpinning
  • Permeation Grouting
  • Pre-Construction Piers
  • Floor & Concrete Leveling
  • Cosmetic Repairs
  • Helical Piers