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Our Mission

Patriot Foundation Systems’ mission is to provide the end user with high quality, competitively priced and efficiently distributed helical and tieback systems. Our latest production process ensures our various designs will exceed industry standards for residential and commercial foundation support. From factory to warehouse, Patriot has linked together affordable and economical helical pile systems. We have also established reliable logistics to transport our products quickly and effectively. Choose Patriot Foundation Systems for all of your major residential and container-sized projects.

About Patriot

Patriot Foundation Systems (PFS) provides our clients with practical, cost effective helical pile products. PFS was founded by Army Vietnam veteran Warren A. Neumann, a professional builder and contractor since 1973. As a result of his over 40 years of experience within the construction field, Mr. Neumann clearly recognized the numerous applications of the helical pile system.

Thus, PFS was formed in San Antonio, Florida to give helical installers/contractors, alongside structural and geotechnical engineers, an additional option to meet or surpass their helical pile design requirements.

Once in motion, Patriot Foundation Systems immediately identified the steps necessary, from our production plant to our distribution center, to provide our clients with practical, cost-effective helical pile products. Conveniently located just off Interstate 75, just north of Tampa, allows us the ability to swiftly and efficiently deliver products to our clients as well. Patriot Foundation Services looks forward to the opportunity to supply your company with viable helical pile solutions from the smallest project up to the largest venture.

Helical Piles are utilized to support the foundation of a home, office or other large surface structure against soil conditions.

Our current stock includes, but is not limited to the following product lines:

  • 1.5″ Square Leads, Extensions, Slab Brackets, Add-a-Flights, and New Construction Caps
  • 2 7/8″ Round Pipe Leads,  Extensions, Slab Brackets, Add-a-Flights, and New Construction Caps
  • 3.5″ Round Pipe Leads,  Extensions, Slab Brackets, Add-a-Flights, and New Construction Caps

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